In 1985, a group of volunteers connected to the Equipo Nacional de Pastoral Aborigen (ENDEPA), from the Catholic Church, started to visit indigenous pueblos in the Gran Chaco region.

During these first few visits, a group of volunteers formed, called "Promocion Indigena" and became committed to the lives of the indigenous people in Buenos Aires. This group helps with the trade and wellbeing of the various indigenous communities. During the years, the group generated diverse projects, some of great significance and importance for the communities, such as the ability to get an ambulance in the Chaco Salteño zone, computers for children of the Wichi community in Salta, and solar panels in schools for the Kolla community in Iruya.

Nowadays, Arte y Esperanza works with 36 communities, belonging to 8 different ethnicities and various artisan groups that continue to have difficulties with commercialization. Arte y Esperanza is a form of social and economic help for more than 500 families of the Kolla, Wichí, Qom-Toba, Mbya-Guaraní, Pilagá, Chané, Diaguita Calchaquí and Mapuche communities.
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