Arte y Esperanza





Dominga Sánchez

From the last trip we collected many interviews with artisans and artisans of Chaco Salta, who told us how their usual routine is, and where our organization is most strongly inserted.
On this occasion Dominga, 32, who was the first to arrive at the exchange held in the Wichí community of Santa María, was chatting with us and told us that her craft was taught by her older sister, even though she had acquired as a little girl. that skill by watching his family develop it: "My sister taught me. First, I knew how to do it, but she was already working with Alejandro. First she, then she taught me and then we started working together. " When we asked him how was the process of raw material collection, he told us that they were looking for and collecting the chaguar in El Rosado, a place located in the mountain. But then, without hesitation, she confessed that in her particular case, her grandmother is the one in charge of the process of crushing and drying the plant, which she receives ready to start producing yicas, paneras and posa pavas.
Turning the interview towards the pragmatic, we asked him how was the relationship with our zonal reference, and confessed that "with Ale it is all safer, because he comes, buys us and brings money. And they are happy until the boys. "Here comes Alejandro!"
Arriving at the end of the talk, Dominga did not want us to leave without knowing her gratitude towards Ale and Arte y Esperanza: "It's real help, it's a blessing."