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Indigenous and Migrant Craftsmen Fair

Indigenous and Migrant Craftsmen Fair


On Saturday, August 10, together with artisans and entrepreneurs, we participated in the Fair of Indigenous and Migrant Artisans, held at the MAP (Museum of Popular Art José Hernández), located in the Recoleta neighborhood. The museum seeks to promote Argentine folk art in all its variants, focusing on the handmade production of our country.

In parallel, the exhibition “Belongings | Textile narratives of migrant women ”, which sought to make visible the problems of women who choose to move from their community or town to the cities, and who for many reasons choose to silence their origin. But this, far from disappearing, is reflected in the textile, a platform where these experiences are related and seek to reconnect with the cultural heritage.
Within the framework of the exhibition Belongings, artisans and artisans invited by Redes Solidarias, and among them Arte y Esperanza, we exhibited handicrafts and regional products.
At 11, we made an offering to Pachamama, in honor of August 1, by Rosalía Gutiérrez of the Kolla community. Also, the screening of the film Nosilatiaj, The Beauty of Daniela Seggiaro, was made, among other activities. Admission was free and free.