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"Saber Hacer" is a program of Artesanado Argentino, an excellent initiative that helps with the development of numerous traditional craft production organizations in our country

The objective is to generate employment with resources from our territory. Knowing how to make and knowing, is a way to make the people behind the crafts visible.
Through this, the proposal is to articulate the tools provided by the State to generate community and productive projects, in order to develop and promote the small producer's economy. In this way, self-management and social sustainability of the projects are promoted, always framed in fair trade, where other types of exchanges are promoted based on dialogue, transparency, respect and equity, and in parallel, the sustainable productive activities and care for the environment. Communities such as the Kollas, Wichis, Tobas, Mapuches and Pilagás are pioneers in the implementation of this trade paradigm based on an indigenous world view.
The project also seeks to bring to all citizens the notion of responsible consumption, that is, to fulfill a role in the production chain so that transparency policies are required, starting from the basis of certain triggers such as "what we consume and why".
The techniques and materials to be highlighted in the project are the looms, pushkas, spinning wheels, sheep and llama wool, vicuña and chaguar fiber, and palo santo. They are part of the cultural tradition of the Randeras de El Cercado, Tucumán communities; Red Puna of Jujuy; The Colte and Artesanos Chané of Salta; Spinning Spiders and Laguna Blanca de Catamarca; and, finally, Sacha Mama and Teleras Atamisqueñas Santiago del Estero.
His products are not just designs worthy of admiration, but also -as Luján Cambariere says in his book- "it is this gift of doing with his hands that also prints the soul of objects".
To learn more about this innovative project, you can follow the account of instagram @saberhacerhacersaber, and find out about all the news.
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