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Pachamama Day

Pachamama Day


It is celebrated on this date as it is time for fertile land for good harvests and winter begins to fall behind, bringing this distance good weather.

August 1st is the day of Pachamama. On this date, the native peoples of Latin America thank and offer Mother Earth for everything she has given them. These offerings are exercised from a symbolic aspect, considering generating reciprocity between the human being and nature, in order to give back even a little of what has been taken of it.
The rituals have many variants depending on the area where they are performed: dances, special meals, ancestral ceremonies, sahumados, etc. This celebration is one of the few things that the Spanish colonization could not erase from its history and culture. The celebration ends on the 31st of this month when the celebration is finished offering drinks, cigarettes, food and everything we do not want to miss. It is grateful for the year that is left behind and is asked for the next one. It is a virtuous circle that never ends.
Every August deserve our attention and thanks. But the 1st is a day not only of celebration but also of reflection, which invites us to think about respect for different cultures and Pachamama since we live on their fruits and animals, their air and their water.