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From Andean lands to the Big Apple: the Argentine craftsman arrived in New York!

This May, our products arrived in New York thanks to the "Saber Hacer Hacer Saber" project, Argentine Handicraft and Design Program, by the journalist specialized in design Luján Cambariere, owner of the Attic that bears her first name.
Handicrafts intervened in the workshop were presented, exhibited at the MALBA Museum in 2018.
What is Wanted Design? is a platform dedicated to promoting the design and to cultivate, year after year, a creative community of international scope. On this occasion, 11 artisans and 4 organizations, including Arte & Esperanza, as well as Red Puna, Silataj, Siwani and the Randeras community of El Cercado de Tucumán, were part of the event that took place in Industry City, Brooklyn. Conscious Design was the theme of this year's edition and we could not stop participating.
In this way, thanks to Luján, art and fair trade enthusiasts could enjoy the handicrafts that were presented at the expo. In addition, they could know the origin and the history behind each piece that is unique and produced by ancestral designs. It is not just about the visual, but about what each piece of art entails. That is why these events are so important, because they allow us to take our stories abroad, and visualize the importance of aboriginal peoples, both in Argentina and other parts of the globe.
To know more about the exhibition of Wanted Design 2019, we invite you to read the note made by Luján for Page 12, where he tells this experience from his passionate gaze on aboriginal designs.