Arte y Esperanza


Solidarity Christmas Fair

Solidarity Christmas Fair


This Christmas we want everyone to be able to take a gift of Fair Trade from Argentina, helping the small aboriginal producers with whom Arte y Esperanza has been working for more than 30 years.

The heat in the north has already arrived and the Wichí communities are beginning to suffer floods due to rain and the very high temperatures ... we must give them our full support!

I dressed the little tree of solidarity with a 20% discount in cash and debit. You also have 12 installments with Ahora12.
Everything you buy is direct work for aboriginal artisans. Everything you take is unique and was made with sustainable materials and in harmony with the environment.
Celebrate the Fiestas with a different proposals. We wait for you until 8pm!
All for that one day !!!!!

We need your help to spread our mission and the solidarity shops of Arte y Esperanza!
Join through facebook!
Thank you!!