Arte y Esperanza





We invite you to meet another member of the communication team!

In this edition we present Daniela Peña, a neighbor of Martinez and a Bachelor of Communication Sciences with orientation in Community Communication, from the University of Buenos Aires.
Since December of last year she has been part of Arte y Esperanza communication team and we asked her what made her a volunteer: "This is the first time I have volunteered, I have always done pre-professional internship with the faculty. , because this is the way I would like to continue, making a small contribution I approach my profession and what I love doing ".
In relation to the tasks she fulfills in the organization, Daniela tells us that she participates in the assembly of the online newsletter that comes out each month, in the update of the news sector of the web and in the management of the virtual platforms. "I also help in contacting the press," she adds, "mediating between them and the directors of A & E." Given that her thesis was based on the importance of virtual platforms in NGOs, it is not surprising that she is interested in the digital communication linked to organizations: "I think it is essential to update digital knowledge in organizations, because they need to remain linked to an external environment to make themselves known, expand, seek partners, and even voluntarixs".
As to all of our volunteers, we asked him why he chose Art and Hope: "Sincerely, I looked for a place where I could respect the mission of the NGO." In Art and Hope, I found passion for their work, and kindness in its members. I joined the team that welcomed me with open arms. "