Arte y Esperanza





In this edition we present Camille Texereau, 23 years old and originally from France. She studied at the business school NEOMA, in Rouen, France.

We met her at the San Isidro store, where she told us through a pleasant conversation that although she finished her studies she is "doing a practice at the Friends of Patagonia reforestation NGO" and taking advantage of the time in Argentina, she is also a volunteer in Arte y Esperanza. We were intrigued to know the relationship between their studies and the work they perform in organizations and she revealed that: "Study international business and for me it is very important to work on just causes that are in accordance with my values".
We asked her why she chose our NGO to carry out the volunteer work and her response was overwhelming: "In Arte y Esperanza I do several things that I can learn a lot from. Right now, I'm looking for ways to sell handicrafts offered by the NGO in European countries. "
She also conveyed to us her desire to "be able to help the development of Arte y Esperanza and at the same time help the social and economic development of the Argentine communities with whom we work". Knowing that people belonging to other cultures are interested in ours, for us it is a pride, and we are pleased to be able to achieve the interest of foreigners who come to our country in search of a learning, since they not only achieve the goal student and professional, but they take inculcated values, which can only be apprehended in territory.
Although Camille has a ticket back to her native country at the end of June, do not miss the stay here and visit the iconic places of our City every time her busy schedule allows it. Which is why it's not uncommon to suppose, as she herself has told us, "I love life here!".
Welcome Cami!